The STEL Order GPS allows you to geolocate and record the routes taken by your employees, the time and place of the jobs performed for your customers during their workday.

It allows you to visualize the start and end of the commercial route, as well as all the details of the route taken.

Optimize your routes with STEL Order and make your business easier.

GPS functionality is only available on Android

    • To activate the GPS functionality you must access with the user Super administrator to Settings & settings; My company > Users, enter the user's tab and in the GPS tab, you must click on Activate GPS.

Remember to give location permissions on the device and work in the background.

    • To find out the last location of your user you must go to Settings > My company > Users, check the user's checkbox and click on Last location.
    • Inside the user tab, GPS tab you are going to find:
      Enable/Disable GPS.
      Show route for day: to choose the day of the route you want to be shown.
      Guide: Checking this box will show you the user's route on the map..

When you have selected the day and checked the Guide box, the route will appear on the map and, depending on the actions taken by the user, the location will be displayed in a different color.