Automatic Tasks

To create an automatic task you must follow these steps:


From your profileFunctionalities > Automatic Tasks.

Once inside this functionality click on New, then set;

    • Automatic task name
    • .
    • Automatic task description
    • .
    • Type, in this section we select the document that we want to be executed automatically.

Once the type of document is specified, the different fields to configure the task will be displayed;

  • Lines tab: From this section you add the necessary items or services, if you need to add any annotation between lines, indicate a New chapter to set it.
  • More information tab: In this tab you configure all the information related to prices, shipping methods, rates, agents, etc.
    You can choose each section or select to be used according to customer preferences.
    You can also add remarks, private remarks and attachments.

    As for prices it is important to know:
  • .
    • That you can keep the prices set on the lines (the software keeps the price set on each product/service line of the document)
    • .
    • That you can update the prices according to the prices in the catalog (the software regardless of the price set in the product/service line will set the price that comes in catalog)
    • .
    • That you can update prices according to catalog, tariff and customer prices. (the software independently of the price set in the product/service line will set the price that comes in catalog, tariff or customer).

  • Who tab: From this section the different customers are indicated.


If you need to add assets associated with the customer in the automatic task, you have to keep in mind that the document type must belong to the SAT section; work estimate, work order, work order slip and/or ordinary invoice.

As for the assets, if you indicate a client and all its associated assets, the software does not generate a document per asset, but you must register, for that client, as many tasks as assets are available, selecting each asset in a different task.

  • When tab: From here you set the periodicity of document creation by defining the start date, the desired number of repetitions as well as whether the repetition is daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • How tab: In this section you define the email to where you will receive the automatic task execution report, you can configure if you only need to create that invoice, or if you also want to send it by mail at the same time it has been generated. If you select to send the document, you must configure the format and sending options..
  • Related tab: In this section you can view all the documents that are generated as the tasks are executed.
  • See the "Related tab"
  • .

Finally, once you have configured all the sections, you must save so that all those recurring documents are generated in their respective module, likewise you will receive a report in the email with all the information of the automatic tasks generated.

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