With the STEL Order public API through a developer you will be able to integrate with online stores, ERPs, CRM, email marketing applications, business intelligence programs, in general with programs external to STEL Order.

To run the API you must log in with your super administrator user, on the top right click on your name or user, section Functionalities > API > + New.

You must indicate the name and the employee to whom you are going to give access to manage the API and click on Save.

Link where all the STEL Order API information is hosted: https://app.stelorder.com/app/indexapi.html

What can you do with the STEL Order API?

What can you do with the STEL Order API?

    • Connecting online store with ERP
    • Integrate STEL Order with other Business Intelligence software
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    • Integrating STEL Order with custom software
    • Develop eCommerce plugins to offer to thousands of customers
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