With STEL Order Inbox you will be able to easily and quickly manage your customers' incidents.

By creating a STEL Order email, customers will be able to send an email to this email that automatically generates an incident, which is assigned to the company employee you have configured. The worker receives the incident with a notification instantly on their mobile or tablet with a push up notification through our free app valid for IOs and Android.

To access that section, you must be the super administrator user or have active from the employee role, the permissions related to the Inbox section or the option marked "all permissions".

Access from the functionality launcher > Inbox > + New.

Remember that you must have Enabled the Inbox feature to receive these incidents within SAT/Incidents.

Fill in the following fields:

    • Email: This address is the one you are going to share with your customers to send their requests. (pressing the copy option links the clipboard address for easy sharing).

      The email that appears suggested at the time of configuration you can change it.

      The domaininbox.stelorder.comcannot be changed.

    • Name: It is a descriptive text to identify the different inboxes to be configured.
    • .
    • Assigned to: It is the user to whom the incidents will be assigned, likewise, you can assign these incidents to the corresponding technician once generated. You can check the "Use customer agent" box so that the incidents that are automatically generated are assigned to the agent of that customer.
    • Reference: Indicates the reference with which the incidents are going to be created. .
    • Notify: If this option is activated, the customer will receive an automatic response when sending his request.
    • .
    • Subject: Default subject of the email that is sent in automatic reply to the customer..
    • Message: Text of the email that is sent by default in automatic reply to the customer.

You can customize your emails using our predefined tags. When you send the email, these tags are changed to their corresponding value.