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Through this section you are going to be able to create different types of email templates to have a better communication with your customers.

To access this section you must be a super admin user, or have Connect permissions granted from your role or have the "all permissions" option checked.

To locate this section we must access the functionality launcher located to the right of reports, click on Connect > My email templates. From this section we can create a new template by clicking on the New option.


You can indicate a Name and a Subject (the subject is what your customers will see when they receive this email). Once you have filled in these fields click on "Design" and select the option you are most interested in:


    • Text: In this option, your corporate color and logo are automatically inserted. Write the text of the email, and using the tags (@CUSTOMERNAME@) you can automate the field of each customer to send mass mailings, and that each email appears with the name of the corresponding customer, in an elegant and personalized way.
    • HTML: You can copy and paste the HTML directly from the template of your choice. On the Internet you can find a multitude of templates that you can use..
    • Drag & Drop: This is the "Drag & Drop" method. You have different blocks already created to be inserted in your template, you just have to drag to build your email in a quick and easy way.


Give free rein to your imagination and create your templates with style!

Once the different templates are generated you can access them to make any edits from the design section. You can send proofs to see how it will look like before sending it to different customers.

In the templates overview you can see the date of creation, last modification, date of last sending, you can also select them and using the More button, duplicate or delete them, according to your needs.

To send a template you can do it in the following ways:

    • Access the Customers/Suppliers section, select them > More > Send email template > Select the template in question > Send.
    • From thecustomer/supplier tab itself, by clicking on the More > option; Send email template > Select the template in question > Send.

    • .

The Connect module template sending limits sending to 300 mails per day and 1000 mails per month, it has a limit because the mails are sent directly with your company mail configuration or with STEL Order mail, if it goes over this amount of mails would be categorized as spam.

Customer debtors


Through this section you can notify those customers who have a bill pending payment by sending an email with the detailed information.

As for the access to this section, it is possible to visualize from the super administrator, as well as from any user who has active rol "all permissions" and/or active permissions of the Connect > Customers debtors.

To access that section you must click on the features launcher, click on Connect > Customers receivable.


From this section you can activate or deactivate by default the option to send such a notification.

You can also edit the subject / message to send to your customers and make use of the tags we offer to customize the message according to your needs.

To send such a notification you can do it in several ways:

    • Access the Customers list, select debtor customers and at the top you must click onMore > Notify unpaid, you can filter by days past due or days since last notification. Select those you want, you can check the number of receipts and recipients to which it will be sent..
    • If we want to do it on a single customer, click on that customer from the customer list with right click, option notify unpaid.
    • If we want to do it on a single customer, click on that customer from the customer list with right click, option notify unpaid.
    • Go to Invoicing > Invoice receipts > Notify unpaid bills and perform the same process indicated in point 1.

Then a notification sending screen opens where we have to mark again the receipt(s) and click on Submit.

You can display the number of receipts and recipients to whom you want to send those outstanding invoices.

This way the customer will receive an email with the information of the invoice reference, due date, amount and can even click to view/download the document.


Incident management


Through this function you can notify your customer of the creation and closure of his incident so that he is informed at any time of its status.

You can access this section if you are the super administrator user of the STEL Order account. It can also be accessed by users/employees who have the appropriate permissions granted from their role, Connect section or have all permissions active.


To access this functionality, you must click on the functionality launcher > Connect > Incident management.

From this section you can activate or deactivate by default this function, as it is the option to notify the creation or closure of the incidents, you can deactivate or activate both options, or activate one section and leave the other deactivated, according to your needs.

If you disable it by default, when an issue is generated or closed, the notifications section located within the issue will be disabled (from the issue click on notifications and the gray check box will appear disabled) but you can individually, from the creation of the issue, mark its activation for a specific case.

Within the incident management you will be able to configure both the subject and the message that reaches your customers, you will also be able to configure different tagsto customize your emails, an example of this is :

    • Rating widget, through which your customer can rate the degree of satisfaction about the work done.


Habitually this widget comes by default in the "closed issue notification" message, inside the message field, although it can also be added in the differentemail templates you have created in Connect, as well as within any Sales/Sat document or on Ordinary Invoices.

To add it you simply need to access Settings > Advanced settings > Emails > Emails to customers > add the @widgetvaluation@ tag.


When a customer rates you, you are notified via email, you can also observe the set of ratings from the activity section located in the general listing of any sales document/SAT and regular invoices.

If you click on it you will be able to view the rating message written by the customer and the date/time the rating was done.

In addition the set of reviews you receive from each customer can be located in different ways.

    • From Customers > Filter "Rating status"
    • .
    • From any sale/SAT document > Filtering by "Status of ratings"
    • .
    • From Invoicing > Invoices > Filtering by "Status of valuations."

    • Incident remarks, if this is active in the incident notification created, the customer, through the email he receives, displays in remarks the message that comes in the description of the incident.

You can edit it from the issue notification creation notice message by editing and removing the @Observations@.




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