Create references in STEL Order.


In this section you can create different types of references for the documents you work with in STEL Order and thus differentiate different types of working documents. You can create as many reference series as needed of each type of item, carrying a differentiated numerical sequence to have different types of quotations/quotations, invoicing and other types of documents.

Example to differentiate documents such as invoices, quotes / quotations, orders and delivery notes / delivery notes that we generate in a given fiscal year. F21/000001 for the first invoice we generate in the year 2021 and F22/000001 for the first invoice we generate in the year 2022.


You can create, edit or delete references by following the steps below:

Access Settings > Basic Settings > References.

References configuration fields express the following:

    • Name

      Name of the reference. Informative field and for identification in the software (this field is not visible to the customer).
    • Type

      Indicate for which type of document this reference is to be used. It is important that you select the document type correctly, if you indicate it wrong when you go to create the document you will not have the reference available.
    • Title

      Indicates the title of the document. It will appear in the header of the pdf that is generated..
    • Prefix
      It is the identifying prefix of the reference (it goes before the numerical sequence).
    • Last reference

      The number of the last existing reference must be entered. That is, if we want the next reference created by the software to be number 300, in this field we will have to indicate 299..
    • Number of digits
      Number of digits that will go to the right of the prefix in the reference, in the form of a number.
    • Template

      Select the template that will be displayed when viewing the document when it is generated with this reference.
    • Annexes

      Text that will be included by default in the "Annexes" field of the document when created with this reference.
    • Remarks

      Text to be included by default in the "Remarks" field of the document when it is created with this reference.

If you want to delete a reference, select it and press Delete, note that once deleted you will not be able to recover it and will have to create it again.

Deleting a reference does not delete the documents you have generated with that reference.

You will not be able to filter by reference in the Invoice Book, nor in Reports, however, you will be able to search by this reference from the list of documents in the References Column.

For example, entering in Invoicing > Invoices, you will be able to filter in the Reference column, indicating the Reference.

If you already have a numerical sequence of a reference in your documents and you want to continue with this numbering it is in this section, in the last reference field where it must be configured.


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