Import data into STEL Order

STEL Order allows you to import your business information in 1 minute.

You can import Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or CSV listings from:

      • Customers
      • Potential customers
      • .
      • Suppliers
      • Products
      • Services
      • Customer assets

To import this data, from your profile go to Settings > Import/Export > Import from file and enter the information:


      • Type of information: Select from the drop-down the information that you are going to import.
      • Reference: STEL Order assigns references automatically, but if you want to add your own reference choose the MANUAL option.
    • If you select manual reference, keep in mind that in the Excel file to be imported you must have a specific column with the reference of the records so that this is the one assigned by the program.

      • Header lines: Sets whether the excel file to import contains a first row with the column headings.
      • Format: Sets whether the file is an Excel file (.xls and .xlsx extensions) or a CSV.

Continues to add the additional information.

Depending on the option you have chosen at the top in theType of information field, the sections are automatically modified. For example if you choose Customers, you will not get the Stock control option.

We explain some of them:

        • Customer / product family: Sets the family to which the data we are going to import belongs. We must have the families previously configured in STEL Order.
        • Rate: Determine whether you are going to set a rate to the family or not.
        • Payment method: Select the option that interests you.
        • Maturity (only for customers): Define in advance the type of maturity assigned to your customers.
        • Discontinued (products only): All records in the excel file that you import will become discontinued.
        • Agent: Choose among your users to whom you assign the list of customers, leads and suppliers.
        • Tax: Indicate the tax that applies to all the products and services that you are going to import.
        • Stock control (Products only): Sets whether or not to activate the stock management of the products to be added to your STEL Order.

Everything you enter in the fields in the Additional Information section will be applied to the entire Excel file you import, so if you want to assign different options you must split the Excel files.

Ex. S
if you want to import a list of customers and you want to assign the family, you must have one excel file for each customer family, if you import one excel file with all your customers and the families mixed, all customers will be assigned the family you select in the Customer family dropdown.

Now, attach the file you are going to import by clicking on Select a file or you can also drag it from your PC into the document drawing.

The first five rows of the file will be displayed, this is where each column should be matched with the corresponding STEL Order field.

That is, in the header of each column, ignore column will appear, click on the drop-down and a selector of all possible fields will be displayed, se should choose the one that corresponds with that column.

Once this is done, simply click on the Import button at the top to start the import.

The import function does not take into account the existing, so if you import data that is already in STEL Order, it will be duplicated.

When performing an import you can upload files with a maximum of 10,000 lines, therefore, if you have a file with more lines you must split the Excel files.