Pricing rates

Price tariffs are used to add different prices to the same product and charge one price or another depending on the tariff to which the customer belongs.

How to create a tariff


First of all, you can create as many additional rates as you need, until this step you are only creating one rate, however each product must be assigned a price for each rate, if you do not specify the price for the rate the program by default will take the base selling price that you have indicated in the product sheet.

To create new price rates you must go to: Settings > Basic Settings > Price Rates > + New, and indicate the name of the rate you want.


If you want to delete a rate, select it and click on Delete, note that once deleted you cannot recover it and you will have to create it again. Likewise in your products the rate will disappear in the Rates tab.


Assign price to rates


Once you have created the rates you must assign each product a price for each rate, you must enter the product, tab Rates, click on one of the created rates and in the window that opens, enter the selling price for that rate in the Rate price field.

It is also possible to assign prices to the tariffs massively by means of a update file, we must prepare an excel file, with the list of all the products and add a column for each tariff where you will specify the price per product according to tariff.

Assign rates to customers.

You can assign a rate to each customer so that the prices associated with that rate are automatically charged when you create a sales document.

Go to the customer tab, Commercial tab and in the "Rate" field, indicate the one you want.

If you want to massively indicate the rate to your customers, you must export to Excel your customers from Settings > Import/Export > Export to file and choose in information type "Customers". Select the attributes of Reference and Legal name.


Once you have the Excel, remember to split it into files with a maximum of 1,000 rows. Now you can update from Settings > Import/Export > Update from file.


Indicates the file and indicates the tariff to choose in the Additional information section. Click on Update to complete the process.


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