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Invoice due dates indicate the time and amount to be paid for a given invoice, as of the invoice date. In this help article we show you how to make invoices with due dates.


Managing invoice due dates is a fundamental part of proper treasury management.

To create a due date in STEL Order you must follow the following steps;


Go to Settings > Basic settings > Expirations > + New.

    • Set Maturity Name.

      Set Maturity Name.

    • Description of the maturity.
    • Set Maturity Name.
    • Set percentage and days of maturity

A line indicating Percentage and another indicating days will be displayed, in each of the columns you must indicate the percentage to generate the receipt and the number of days to which you want the expiration.

If you want to charge an invoice in 30 days, in the "Percentage (%)" column you will put 100, and in the "Days" column you must indicate 30.

If you need to charge the invoice in two different due dates. You have to click on New line +, and another percentage and days column will appear.

To charge half of the invoice at 30 days, and the other half at 60 days, in the first line, in the "Percentage(%)" column you will put 50, and in the "Days" column you must indicate 30. Add another line by clicking on New line +, and you will write 50 in the "Percentage(%)" column, and 60 in the "Days" column.



If you want to modify your maturities click on Edit.

If you select the expiration and click on Delete, it will be removed from the listing and cannot be recovered. You will have to create it again.


The due dates applied on your invoices and receipts, will not be modified, you will simply not have that due date available.

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