Configure your company to issue DTEs with STEL Order

Initial setup


To start issuing your DTEs with STEL Order, the first thing you need to do is to configure all the information related to your company.

For this, you have to access the Configuration > My company > DTE Datasection, and set the following data:

    • SII unit:the SII tax office that corresponds to your company.
    • Economic activity code: your 6-digit economic activity code (ACTECO code).
    • Emitter's business line: it is automatically preloaded with the description associated with the selected Economic Activity Code, although it can be modified by hand.
    • Default Receiver Turn:the default receiver turn that is loaded by default for each customer at the time of creation (can be modified in the customer's own record).
    • Dispatch Type: determines the value that is loaded by default when each customer is created, and refers to how dispatch is performed for each dispatch waybill and invoice (can be modified in the customer's own tab).
    • Transfer indicator: determines the value that is loaded by default when creating each customer, and refers to the type of operation that each dispatch waybill represents (can be modified in the customer's own tab).

In addition, you have to upload your Digital Certificate, and indicate the password of the same; and the CAF files of the types of tax documents you are going to issue, as well as the number of the first folio to be used within the assigned range (in case you had used that CAF in other software, and there were still pending numbers of its range of folios).

When uploading a new Digital Certificate you must inform and send the certificate to STEL Order to have a record and the new certificate can be activated.

As soon as the digital certificate and at least one CAF file have been uploaded, a validation process will take up to 24 hours. At the end of this validation process, you will be informed by e-mail that everything is correct, and you will be able to start issuing your DTEs.

Customer data in your program


We must enter in each customer's file the billing data, it is essential to complete the fields "Legal name", "RUT", "Address" and "Postal code"


In addition, there are 3 fields related to the DTE in the general section of each Customer's File:

    • Default receiver rotation
    • .
    • Dispatch type
    • Dispatch indicator

It is important to note that if any of the fields, "Type of dispatch" or "Transfer indicator" has the value "0 - Dispatch type does not apply as it is a provision of services", then the other will automatically have this value, as established by the SII.

The 3 fields above are preloaded according to the value configured in the section Configuration > My company > DTE data, which can be modified and particularized for each client.

The value of these fields will subsequently be transferred to the new documents once the customer has been selected, as will be seen below.

CAF files


The CAF files (Folio Authorization Code), are electronic files that include a range of fiscal folios to be assigned to your DTEs, which are downloaded through the SII website, and are only necessary when you stop using the SII application and start using an external software for the DTE issuance market and valid for the SII, such as STEL Order.

In addition, prior to obtaining the CAFs files, companies that stop using the SII application and start using an external software, must be certified through an authorized certifying company in order to obtain their CAFs files and start stamping their DTEs. This certification process is a one-time process, and you will not have to go through it if you were already using other external software.

At STEL Order, we recommend Octava Software ( to carry out this certification process, since thanks to the agreement signed with this company, STEL Order users can benefit from a special discount when contracting the certification process, whose estimated duration is a maximum of 5 working days. While this certification process is being carried out, you can continue to issue your DTEs through the SII application.

Fiscal folio numbers are sequentially assigned to your DTEs during the issuance of the same. On your part, you will not have to worry about anything, since STEL Order will assign the corresponding number after each DTE is issued. Once the entire range of fiscal folios is consumed, you will be able to request a new range of fiscal folios through the SII application.

STEL Order will notify you when the current range of fiscal folios is about to be consumed.

Configuring the PDF or graphical representation of your DTEs


You can configure and modify the data related to the PDF of your tax documents through the section Settings > My company > My templates, by accessing the corresponding tax document template, and within the invoice tab itself, through the DTE tab.