Preventive maintenance

In STEL Order you can manage preventive maintenance for your customers easily and simply. Through recurring events and tasks you can keep track in an automated way.

Manage asset maintenance.

Preventive maintenance can be performed on assets, which include machines, computer equipment, or any item that you have sold, installed or leased to, or owned by, a customer.


Assets can be created in different ways which are explained in this link.

You have to take into account, that when creating an asset, you have the option to link it to a client or on the contrary, you can leave the asset without assigning client, option that you can configure here.

This way you can select that asset to any client in the SAT incidents or documents.

From Catalog > Assets in customers you can click on Filter > Subject to maintenance / Under warranty, that way you can check those assets according to the filter applied and have a control of them.

The documents where you can add assets are all those belonging to the SAT Module / Maintenance and Invoices:

    • Incidence
    • .
    • Budget / work quote
    • .
    • Purchase order / work order
    • Work order / work note
    • Invoice

In the SAT module you can indicate in the Incidents as in the documents, as many assets as you need. If you select assets in an Incident, when generating any SAT or Invoice document, they will be shown in the More information tab.

In the same way, in any SAT document you can indicate it in that same tab, field "Assets".

You can access the asset tab from any incident or document where you have it indicated. Click on "View asset" and you will be able to access it quickly and easily.

From any SAT listing you have the option to filter by asset or linked to assets, that way you can instantly get more personalized results.

STEL Order allows you to create reminders so that you are notified periodically and know when maintenance is due.

You have several options for creating a event of an asset in the program:

        1. From the asset's tab click on More > Create Event, which will display the Client and Asset fields, which you can access.
        2. Accessing any SAT document by clicking on More > Create Event, will display the Client and Document fields, so you can access directly from the event and view the information quickly.

Within the event you can indicate a shared calendar, for example: Technicians, in which you have indicated the users who are in charge of maintenance. In this way, all users belonging to that calendar will be able to see the event as well as receive the reminder which you can indicate to be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

In addition, you can also select when it starts, when it ends and the necessary repetitions.

In addition to creating reminders, you can also manage your maintenance through the Automatic TasksAutomatic Tasks.

Automatic tasks allow you to periodically and recurrently generate documents to be generated automatically.

You can generate these tasks in several ways:

        1. From the functionality launcher by clicking on Tasks > + New..
        2. From any document, for maintenance we can generate them from SAT. Access the document and click on More > Create automatic task you can check that all the product/service lines are shown as well as the assets you indicated in the document.

You have Chapters available in case you want to indicate text in the lines of the document.

In the To whom tab you can select those customers where you have different fields available, for example you can indicate the emails where the document will be sent or the related assets or projects.

In the same way you can schedule the repetition of the task from the When, tab to be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. In addition you can also indicate when it starts or ends as well as the necessary repetitions.

It is important when configuring the start of the task, that in the field "Next execution" the desired date is shown, so that from that date, the repetitions are executed.

Management of preventive maintenance


Once the automatic tasks are configured, documents will be created according to the date of execution and you will be able to manage the maintenance of your customers.


When the document is generated, you will be able to assign the user you want to perform the maintenance in the More Information > "Assigned to" tab. The user will be able to see the document on the device, as long as they have the visibility configured in the Roles section, as well as the assets indicated therein.