How can I associate a supplier to a created family?

To associate a supplier to a supplier family firstly you have to have it created, to know how to create it access here.


Once created in STEL Order, you have to follow the following steps:


Go to Suppliers> Select the supplier> General, click edit and in the "Supplier family"section you define the family it belongs to.

Once this action is done, to view all suppliers belonging to a family, access Suppliers> Filter > Supplier family.

If what you need is to perform the mass assignment of a supplier family to certain suppliers created in STEL Order, follow these steps:


Go to Settings > Import/Export > Export to file > select type "Suppliers", then select from available attributes to selected attributes the necessary information to know in the case that it is so what family have assigned each of your suppliers to be able to update that information, in this way you will get to export a list in Excel format that will give you the necessary information, from there you have to develop an Excel document with the references of the suppliers and the legal name for each family of suppliers.

So once you have generated the Excel document with the list of suppliers assigned to a particular family, you have to go to Settings > Import/export > Update from file, define all the information and in the additional information section choose the supplier family to which you want to assign this generated listing, finally select the file, rename each of the columns (e.g. reference and legal name) and press Update


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