My templates

Create, edit, duplicate, preview and delete your templates.

From your profile access Settings > My company > My templates.

1. Create a new template


To create a new template click on New, add the name, select the document type, as well as the font and choose the corporate color. Click on Save to successfully register the data.

If you check the "Default" option, automatically that template will be the available option when you generate a new reference.


With the "Watermarks" you can fully edit your business documents, and have unlimited templates for every business document in your company.

The first thing you need is to create a layout with in a A4 format. There are plenty of free programs on the Internet to design watermarks with that format.

Once you have downloaded your watermark in PNG or JPG format you can upload it in the "Watermark" field.

To display the design correctly, you must check the option "Hide company data" in the bottom tab of Company data > Hide company data. Beware, if you don't check that box, your company logo may overlap with the watermark.

In the Select the data you want to display in your documents,you can check or uncheck those information fields that you want to appear or be hidden in your documents. These are the available tabs:

    • Company data: allows the display of your company data. You have the option "Hide company data", so it will not be displayed in the document header.
    • Document data: allows you to edit the different data of your documents, title, reference, date, agent, created by, etc.
    • Customer/supplier data: indicates information about the customers/suppliers that you need to be displayed in the documents.
    • Assets in customers: allows you to display the information of the assets you have selected in your document, according to the activated fields. You have the option "Hide asset data", so that they are not displayed in the document..
    • Lines: allows you to display information on the product/service line.
    • Lines: allows you to display information on the product/service line.
    • Signature and summary: you can choose whether the signature and NIF are displayed in the document. You can also enable the signature box to always be displayed on your document by checking "Show signature box even if document is not signed."
    • .
    • Footer and legal note: you can indicate if you want the footer text to be displayed in the document. The "Legal note" field, cannot be edited, you can only indicate where you want the text to be displayed. The field information is obtained from Settings > My Company > Company details , field "Legal record".
    • Comments and attachments: allows you to check the display of the "Comments" field as well as "Attachments".

You also have the option to rename the document and use quotation templates to make proforma invoices or work parts.

2. Preview templates


In the Select a designsection you can choose one of the two default templates and clickView / Printto preview your template.

You can edit your template by clicking on Edit, that way you can modify the data.

If you click on "More" you can perform the following options:

    • Delete: allows you to delete the template.
    • Duplicate: you can duplicate the template with the same options checked.

In the template list, you have the same options that you find inside the template.