User roles are used to manage employee permissions within STEL Order.

User roles are used to manage employee permissions within STEL Order.

The Super-administrator, controls 100% of user (employee) access by assigning certain grants to the different roles.

Example: Two of your users, Javier and Adrian, are technicians and in their role you give them access to SAT (Technical Support Service) information, but you do not want Adrian to have access to work orders. Within each role and category, you can specify and customize, per employee, the permissions to the information.

By default we provide you with the following roles: Administrator, Commercial, Commercial administrator, Technician and Technician administrator. Each of them defaults to a set of permissions that you can modify as you see fit.

Even if you want to configure more roles, the software allows you to create as many as you want and from scratch.

From your profile go to Configuration > My company > Roles > New.

You have different sections to configure the permissions:

  • Visible roles: allows you to select roles, here you must check the roles whose documents and activities you want to be visible to the role you are configuring so that the user can see documents and clients of the selected roles.

If no role is checked, the user can only see the documents he/she generates, as well as the customers assigned or unassigned to him/her.

  • Permissions: If you check the All permissions box, you give access to all the information, on the contrary, if you uncheck it you can customize, point by point, what our user can see and what not.
  • Access: allows you to enable or disable access to STEL Order via the web or via the APP..
  • Start > Total amounts: allows the user to view the total business values that are displayed when you log into your STEL Order.
  • Module Settings: enables or disables permissions to view, create, edit, and delete STEL Order sections and actions.
  • Other settings:enables or disables options to display prices, profitability, stock, Shop or issue BAI Ticket.

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    Once you have your roles configured, from your profile go to Settings > Users, select the employee you are going to change and click on Edit > Role, and from the dropdown select the one you are interested in.