Company data and logo

To set up, save or edit your company data, in your STEL Order, on the top right hand side click on your name or user name under: Settings > My Company > Company Data.

You will see three sections: General, Location dataandCompany logo.

In the Generaltab you can configure, edit and define your main data: Name, Business name, Address, Province, Telephone, Type of activity, Email, Legal registration, VAT number, Postal code, City, Fax, Number of employees and Web.


You can also define your corporate color and specify if you are a company or a freelancer.


On the Location Datatab you can configure, edit and define information about your business location: Software Language, Time Zone, Country, Fiscal Year Start Day, Number of Decimal Places, Date Format, Currency, Currency Representation, Tax ID, Fiscal Year Start Month and Decimal Separator.

Last but not least, in Company Logo, attach your business logo.


Improve the image projected by your business and add the logo to your documents!


Go with your profile to Settings > My company > Company details > Company logo and attach your logo in JPG or PNG format.

Your company logo appears on all of your documents.

Excellent! Your company is ready to take off. This information will be reflected in your business and billing documents.