Step 4: Invoice references

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STEL Order allows you to personalize reference numbers for each type of document you create in the system, as well as each data type. To ensure continuity with your previous system, you can easily create custom reference numbers for each type of document (quotes, work notes, invoices, etc.) and data  type (customers, products, suppliers, etc.).

To do so, navigate to Settings > Basic settings > References. Click on the New + button to add a new reference, and, in the Type field, choose the type of document or data you would like to personalize. As an example, choose Invoice. Enter the combination of letters and/or numbers that precede the sequential number series from your previous numbering system in the Doc. Reference Code field. If you have already issued invoices for this fiscal year and want to continue this same invoice series, enter the number of your most recent invoice in the Last reference field.

Next, indicate the number of digits for your invoice number series, the heading, the default template to be used with this reference and, whether or not this will be the default reference for invoices.

The Notes field is useful to include any boilerplate language or disclaimers and will appear at the bottom of every document with this reference. The Annexes field is used to attach more lengthy documents, legal terms and conditions, etc. This be added as a PDF document.

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