Step 2: Document templates

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Go to Settings > My Business > My Templates to edit the templates for each type of document you will create and share with your customers and suppliers.

Click directly on a template for any document. In the right-hand column, under Choose a design, click View/print to view the current state of the template. You can click this button after each edit to view any changes you have made.

Click on Edit to change the fields in the tabs below. Each section contains information from a specific part of the document. You can enable or disable fields and also rename fields based on your needs. In the upper section, choose the main color for the template.

You can personalize certain fields. By way of example, you could rename the Fax: field in Customer Info to fit a specific need, such as a Subcategory. Whatever information is entered in the Fax field in the customer's file will be displayed on this template as the customer Subcategory.

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