TicketBAI STEL Order

To begin issuing your TicketBAI, you will need to request access via the invitation form available on our TicketBAI link.


Once your invitation has been processed, you will receive an email notification and at that point you can start issuing your TicketBAI.

Configuring TicketBAI


First, access Setup > My Company > Company Data > Ticket BAI, where you only have to upload your certificate and indicate whether you want STEL Order to automatically prompt you to issue the TicketBAI after saving each invoice.

You will not have to configure anything related to your tax authorities, since STEL Order will automatically send your TicketBAI to the corresponding tax authorities.

Issuing your TicketBAI


You can issue the TicketBAI of your invoices and credit invoices after saving them.

If you have enabled the automatic TicketBAI issuing option in the configuration, after saving each invoice you will be automatically shown the issuing window of its associated TicketBAI.

If you cancel the TicketBAI issuance or you have disabled the automatic issuance option after saving, you can access again to the TicketBAI issuance window through the button "Emit TicketBAI" located at the top of the screen.

In addition, when issuing the TicketBAI for each invoice, you can choose whether to issue it as Normal Invoiceor as Simplified Invoice.

On the other hand, you can also consult in a visual way, through the column "Activity"of the document list, the issuing status of each invoice. In addition, you will be able to filter your invoices according to the issuance status of their TicketBAI.


The TicketBAIs that have been successfully issued are represented with the green icon in the "Activity" tab in the invoice list.


Zuzendu service for invoice correction


STEL Order also includes the ZUZENDU service, which allows you to modify and correct errors in TicketBAIs that have not been issued correctly.

When the issuance of a TicketBAI fails, STEL Order displays a window indicating the reason for the error. If you close this window, there is no problem, because you can always check the reason for the error again, within the invoice itself, in the section Ticket BAI > Validation results.

Ticket BAI > Validation results.

Thus, when a TicketBAI has not been issued correctly, it is possible to correct the errors that caused it and issue a correction. To do this, access the invoice whose TicketBAI has been rejected, click on the "Edit", correct any errors it might have, click on Save, and finally click on the Esubmit TBAI remediation button.


If the TicketBAI was incorrectly reissued, there would be no problem, as as many corrections as necessary could be issued.

In addition, TicketBAIs can be rejected for 2 reasons:

    • TicketBAI issued with incidents
    • TicketBAI rejected

In any case, the Inland Revenue always expects that the TicketBAI that have not been issued correctly, are finally corrected by the user. And that is why they are taken into account in the reports and the warehouse movements that may have been incurred are preserved.

In any case, in the event that the TicketBAI has been "issued with incidents", it can be cancelled, which would take into account the same considerations indicated in the next section. For the TicketBAI "rejected", it is not possible to cancel them, and they must be corrected.

Activity in the invoice list.


Cancel a TicketBAI


To cancel a TicketBAI, access its related invoice and click More > Cancel TicketBAI.


Once the TicketBAI on your invoice has been cancelled, STEL Order will regularize the system automatically:

    • In the event that the cancelled invoice does not come from a packing slip, all stock changes that were once reflected on the invoice will be undone.
    • In case the cancelled invoice comes from one or several delivery notes, all its related delivery notes will be released so that the invoice related to those delivery notes can be reissued.

In addition, cancelled invoices are not taken into account in the "Reports" calculations.

The TicketBAI that have been cancelled are represented with the icon in red color in the Activity tab in the list of invoices.


Submission of TicketBAI


You can send PDFs of your TicketBAI as you normally send PDFs of your invoices, in which their identifier is automatically added in text format and in QR code format.

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