Recycle Bin

With this functionality you can have access to all the information that has been deleted in the software, you can know the day and time of deletion of each document and/or element.


Remember that this section is only visible from the user Super Administrator


To access the recycle garbage can simply go to Settings > Recycle Bin.

Within this you can use a date range to display everything that has been deleted in a given period, you can also use the search bar and the filters to quickly locate the type of item.

You should keep in mind that inside the trash can restore certain items and others that can only be viewed and/or downloaded, therefore if you need to retrieve them you must enter them again to the system.

The items you can restore by clicking on the "restore" action button are: Incidents, Customers, Leads, Customers, Suppliers, Products, Services, Expenses and Investment, Assets and Expenses.

Documents cannotbe restored, therefore clicking on the action icon will allow us to view and/or download the file to re-enter it in the software.



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