How to inventory products?

STEL Order allows you to obtain an inventory of products and services with the detailed information you want.

To make an inventory you have to follow the following steps; Go to Settings > Import/Export > Export to file. In the Information type field select Products, and indicate Excel in the format.


Pass from available attributes to selected attributes the information you want to get from it, e.g. Product Reference, Name, Actual Stock and Virtual Stock, finally click on Export.


Once you have the stock updated in the Excel file, access Settings > Import/Export > Update from file.


You must indicate in Type of information "Products", key attribute "Reference", you must take into account that if the references of your products are Manual, we must indicate it in the field Reference > Manual. Define the rest of the attributes, if you are going to add new items in this list you have to check that they are created, otherwise just indicate "update existing items".

Finally add the file by clicking on Select a file, rename each column and click on Update


When performing an update you can upload files with a maximum of 1,000 lines, therefore, if you have a file with more lines you must split the Excel files.

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